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MEAN Stack Development Services

Leaveraging The Power of All-In-One Technology Solution To Create Exceptional Applications

We at BRTechnosoft are well skilled with each component of MEAN Stack, which help us with flexibility and the basic of development while building best in calss MEAN JavaScript-based applications according to our clients business requirements. Our highly skilled developer MEAN Stack is capable of developing advance web application and website which can add a winning advantage to the client’s business


Modernizing apps with custom MEAN Stack development services

Hire software engineers, coders and architect for your custom mean stack solution.

What is a MEAN stack?

MEAN is an open source and free stack of JavaScript software used for building websites dynamic web applications. Mean is actually an acronym for the four elements present in the stack.

  • MongoDB – Used by back-end services of websites to store data as JavaScript documents. It is an Open Source NoSQL database program.
  • Express – Also known as express.js, this is a web application framework running long side Node.js for improving speed and performance of web applications.
  • Angular – Also known as angular.js, it manages the front end of web applications. It loads your application in browsers and keeps the UI dynamic.
  • Njs – It supports back-end systems and maintains scalability of your websites and web applications.

Our developers are skilled and proficient in all four elements of MEAN Stack to provide you with the highest quality of work and complete support.

As leading of MEAN Stack Development company, we create innovative and advance web applications. Even since MEAN Stack development turn a niche for itself as aa Morden-day technology, Our MEAN Stack developer have generated expertise in Full Stack JavaScript, along with the four significant elements of the technology – MongoDB(M), Express JS (E), Angular JS(A) and Node.JS (N). we offer a complete solutions that deals appropriately with the front end, back end database and server infrastructure as required by client.

Our solutions obtain on the utilization of full tack development, value-adding strength to the web applications, maximizing business ROI and offering cost effectiveness. Our MEAN Stack development services help organization builds extensive applications that support a variety of components like user connectivity, build mobile app and real-time collaboration between end users.  

Our Services 

Our MEAN STACK Development Services

MongoDB for Storage

MongoDB is an open-source, document-oriented database program, used to create a scalable base with flexible components.

ExpressJS for Web Programming

ExpressJS is a simple, flexible, and scalable JavaScript web app development architecture that enables the creation of dynamic websites.

AngularJS for Front-end Development

AngularJS is a popular JavaScript framework used as an effective technology for front-end development. It extends the HTML vocabulary and works with the other libraries also.

NodeJS for Web Server

NodeJS is an open-source web development framework used for building highly scalable web applications. The application includes the web server and thus saves a considerable development time.

Key Benefit 



With Node.JS as its backend runtime environment, MEAN stack can be used to deliver very fast and responsive projects and Quickly results