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Sachin Diwar

CEO /Founder
Ordered my first mobile app development to ITSoft Solutions. I was inexperienced contractor but they carefully listened to my request and try to deliver the best quality of service.
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Paul T. Lister

VP of Network
The support service is always run at the highest possible standard. All issues are resolved with a lot of care. All phone calls and emails are answered very professionally.
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Leticia W. Gentry

Sr IT Director
They have a fantastic team of specialists who are understanding, kind and informative. Their support feels both professional and personal to the company. No issues so far.
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Dusty A. Healey

Sales & Marketing
We consider Akita as our off site IT department and find you and your colleagues always happy to assist with our questions. Fantastic IT support for all business large.
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Barbara G. Dundas

President, Principal
Full-featured and great support for the minor issues I had which were really my not being skilled/experienced enough with modern themes. Support is helping to fix my issues now.
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Ann C. Sands

Business Head
Working with several word press themes and templates the last years, I only can say this is the best in every level. I use it for my company and the reviews that I have already are all excellent.
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