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  1. Website Support Services
    • Request Types
    • Costs & Terms
    • Errors & Omissions
  2. Support Team Service Level Expectations
    • Confirmation Response and Resolution Time
    • Support Team Hours
    • Access & Authorization
    • Support Team Process

    Client can contact BRTechnosoft  for the following Website Support services:

    • Issues or problems with the website not performing as expected (i.e., broken forms, errors, pages not displaying correctly, etc.)
    • Editing, revising, or updating page and product content including text, images, and SEO-related content
    • Editing, revising, or updating templates on existing website pages
    • New web page and email templates based on existing design
    • Modifications and minor enhancements to existing functions, forms, and features on the existing website
    • Consultation, guidance, and training on the use of the website and content management system
    • Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console basic configuration and support
    • Support and updates of third party tools and applications used on the website and integrated by Orbit (i.e., WordPress, Drupal, Constant Contact, Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, Salesforce, Instagram, jQuery, etc.)

    Website Support Request Types

    Support requests fall into one of the below categories:

    • EMERGENCY: Any serious problem with the website
      • Mission critical features or pages are not available
      • E-commerce errors
      • Website is not available for a non-server or non-data center reasons (i.e., CMS configuration issue, DNS issue, domain expired, client network error, etc.)
    • TECHNICAL ISSUE: Any problems with the website not performing as it was originally developed
      • A form is broken
      • Page contents do not display as designed
      • Integration errors
      • PCI Compliance audit or troubleshooting
    • SUPPORT ASSISTANCE: Any requests for assistance in explaining or using the website or tools
      • “How to” questions
      • Content management system assistance
      • User logins and password management
      • SEO and analytics consultations
    • CHANGE REQUEST: Any request that involves less than 4 hours* of work.  Change request examples include:
      • WordPress and Drupal plugins or module installation
      • Updates to integrated third party tools and applications
      • Modifications and minor enhancements to existing functions, forms, and features
      • Content changes not possible with the content management system

    *Requests Estimated Over 4 hours

    BRTechnosoft has Web Strategists and an Enhancement Team to provide services that do not fit our Support Team because of the size and nature of the work. The Web Strategist advises the client on any requested work and provides a proposed approach, costs, and timeline in a Statement of Work.

    Website Support Cost & Terms

    BRTechnosoft charges $10 per hour for all support services in 30 minute increments. BRTechnosoft doesn’t intend to invoice for every minute and we will use our discretion to charge for requests. There are no charges incurred to:

    • Fix something that is broken due to “errors and omissions on the part of BRTechnosoft” (See Errors and Omissions)
    • Respond to and resolve hosting issues for Orbit hosted websites for clients with active Website Hosting and Managed Service Agreements. (See Hosting Managed Services)

    Errors and Omissions

    Orbit does not provide a specific warranty period for websites because we take accountability for fixing any errors and omissions regardless of the time frame. However, it is important to clarify that sometimes issues arise that we didn’t cause. We are ready, willing, and able to help fix all issues, but we charge for the ones we don’t cause. The following are common issues that we do not consider Errors and Omissions and we charge to resolve:

    • Browser and Third Party Tool Updates – Browsers and third party tools are regularly updated, and versions may no longer be supported. This sometimes results in causing a website feature to “break” or simply to not perform as expected.
    • Website Changes and Updates – A client or another party makes changes to the website which results in necessary updates or fixes to the website.
    • Content Management Systems – Websites inherently need maintenance because the content management system is updated for security, browsers change website standards, and other reasons. Website issues may be caused by changes to the content management systems (CMS) (i.e., Drupal  and, which would result in the need for maintenance to the website. Issues caused by or in combination with new or updated third-party software products including upgrades, themes, plugins, modules, or WordPress and Drupal modifications or customisations.
    • Integrated Third Party APIs – Website issues may be caused by changes to the third party APIs (i.e., Google Tag Manager, tracking codes, third party javascript, Twitter, Instagram,, Flickr, Constant Contact, etc), which would result in maintenance to the website. Issues caused by or in combination with new or updated third-party software will not be considered errors and omissions.
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