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Professional Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO Services to dramatically Boost Search Engine Rankings

In order to increase your website's premium targeted traffic, technical SEO services will optimize your site so that it is more easily crawled, processed, and registered by search engines.

Technical SEO


We don’t just tick off ‘technical SEO checklist as a daily SEO work. We admit that technical search engine optimization is a critical component of every success SEO campaign. As a result, BRTechnosoft creates show technical SEO strategies that lay a major importance technical aspects of your site.


BRTechnosoft Technical SEO experts in India has seen it all when it comes to Content Management Systems. Well help make the technical tweaks your site needs to rank higher, whether you are using WordPress or any custom code.


Ensuring your webpage is easily navigable by Google’s bots is a key part of technical SEO. Search engine crawlers will position your website higher in the SERP because they will be able to more readily comprehend the calibre of your service.


If Google cannot scan, process, and extract your web page, providing a wide variety of original and excellent content is useless. Your website won’t be seen by anyone because search engines won’t be able to crawl it.


In order to increase your website’s premium targeted traffic, technical SEO services will optimize your site so that it is more easily crawled, processed, and registered by search engines.


Important Components of Our Technical SEO Services

Why your Business Needs Technical SEO?


Google’s crawlers may be getting smarter about web page content, but they’re still just robots. So, if you want your website to show up higher in search engine results, you need to pay attention to how it works technically.

By making it easier for the main search engine crawlers to read and index your site’s content, technical improvements provide a distinct edge.

As an added bonus, technical SEO aids Google in determining the topical relevance of your content to user queries, which in turn raises the rankings of your web pages for more pertinent keyword searches. Our professionals for technical SEO services will make sure your site takes advantage of every technological advantage, from mobile optimization to SEO auditing, so you can rank higher in organic search results.



Website indexation issues

We take care of any website issue take care and fixed those issue priority basis. 


Slow page load

We will take care of slow speed and optimised your website accordingly Google Page algorithms. 


Images that are not search friendly

We will take care of it all of your website images and make them SEO friendly.

Technical SEO

Poor mobile performance

We take care of poor mobile performance and fixed as per Google Page algorithms CWV Core Vital Web passes. 


Multiple errors reported in Google Search Console

We take care of all multiple error in Google webmaster tools to fixed.

Technical SEO

Sudden drop in organic traffic

We take care of any website issue take care and fixed those issue priority basis. 


Comprehensive Technical SEO Audits

In our technical SEO audit reports we begin with a sitewide audit to identify any technical issues, crawl errors, useless redirections, broken pages, page speed or other site errors. It covers all aspects of a website, from the structure of the URLs to the utilize of robots.txt files, and everything in between.

With our SEO audits, you will get a in-depth assessment of your sites, performance with clearly defined prioritised action to improve it. We work closely together so that no action is left incomplete and our support for both terms in-house as well web development developers who need help you to implement those changes.


Get Technical SEO Audits Consultation

On-Site Optimization

With our technical seo, generally there’s enough of little improvements that can make a big difference in the SEO results! On-site optimization not only cover the visible content of your website, but all the invisible HTML code and HTML tags on your web pages. This invisible code on your web pages has a lot to do with whether or not Google understand the content, relevance and quality of that page. In onpage optimization section cover majorly page title, page titles, meta description, rel canonical tags, URL structure, coding style as well as the specific programming languages such as JavaScript which are utilize for tasks.

These on-page section fail under the technical SEO and are significant for improving your ranking in search engines. Our SEO specialist will ensure to help optimize these technical aspects of your website ensuring your website optimized to rank for the keywords that will bring you the most valuable clicks and generate ROI


Get On-Site SEO Consultation

Crawlability & Sitemaps

Crawling sitemap is key of any website. How do Google search engine know which pages on your website are most important? A sitemap is like roadmap for webpages, identifying their location and communicating that to search engine. Our technical SEO service help ensure these roadways stay clear!

XML sitemap is especially for ecommerce or enterprise level website are the best way to help Google crawlers understand which of your many product pages they should rank well for specific keywords. If you have only a few main landing sites on your website, submitting XML sitemaps in Search Console won’t be as significant but its still a good idea to monitor crawling reports and ensure bots indexing those pages successfully.

We help you use your crawl allow more efficiently and we ensure that most significant pages of your website are found by search engines. We build and help optimize a sitemap that identifies which webpages on your site communicate to google precisely what is happening within it, so they can rank higher in SERPs!

Get Crawlability & Sitemaps Consultation

Core Web Vitals Optimization

What are Core Web Vitals (CWV)?

Its basically set of technical SEO factors that Google Updated in 2021. This new Core Web Vitals singles monitor loading speeds, the responsiveness of interactive components, and the visual stable of pages, along with several existing user experience signals. These are based 3 component LCP, FID and CLS.

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP):  the speed at which main content of the page loads.

First Input Delay (FID):  the speed at which web pages responds to the user’s first action on the page.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): Layout stability(that is section don’t jump suddenly).

The website should be get ready for optimizing with CWVs in mind while doing technical SEO audits and found changes that will bring UX results Google algorithms are looking for. At the same time, this also makes your website high ranking while being more use-friendly overall.

Our technical SEO specialist help you to fixed 3 major aspects and matrices for Core Web Vital services.

Get Core Web Vitals Optimization Consultation

Site Speed Optimization

Your website can be optimized from all angle. But I won’t rank well if its under-performing, slow and difficult for people to use. Our technical seo team can run a speed test to see your doing against the competition. From there, we can make changes to improve your site’s speed in order for your website and all of its content to rank higher on Google. Some of the issue we undertake are: compressing files to slim down CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files, decreasing redirects, leveraging browser caching and CDNs, and improving server time.

This will authorise access quicker while also increasing their experience which means they are less likely to turn away at the first sign of trouble or frustration with what is shown within an online pages. The end results? More traffic increase through customers who stick around because things work better then expected!

Our Technical SEO team help you to fixed 3 major aspects and matrices for CWV services.


Get Site Speed Optimization Consultation

Structured Data Markup is a standardized code that makes its easier for Google engine crawlers and manage your website content so you can be more likely rank higher in search engine rankings!

Structured data markup can be utilize to stylize your web pages and provide rich results for users. There are many various type of structured markup, but some common ones cover breadcrumbs( the directory structure on a website), logos or imagery associated with local businesses like restaurants in an area where they offer services related therefore.   

Structured Schema provides your business geographically information covering location, contact number, opening hours etc.

Structured data increase the search engine experience for users by giving them a better definition of what they are look at. By helping Google’s Web crawler to identify the specific content to cover in the enhancement or rich results, brands can make their listing look even more attractive to the target audience.  

BRTechnosoft technical SEO expert are skilled at implementing the latest schema that will help your search results have an even greater impact with users.


Get Structured Data Markup Consultation

Image Optimization

Most of users have preference to review visual content which makes its easier to digest and read. There’s no one who like staring at wall-to-wall text!

Optimized images are significant for a great user experience and SEO. That’s why it can become difficult harmful when Google notice that your website’s image aren’t optimized and treats them as such

Our SEO specialist will ensure your images are optimized for the user and Google alike.

  • Improves page load speed
  • Adds SEO Value
  • Increase site’s web accessibility
  • Improves site user experience.

Get Image Optimization Consultation

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