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SEO Audit Services Tailored To Your Website Needs

Take advantage of only one SEO Audit report that has the power to transform the destiny of your search rankings

You can't expect your website to perform as well in search engines as it could if you haven't first had it audited for technical SEO issues and fixed them. In order to boost your site's position in the search engine results pages (SERPs), our qualified team at Brtechnosoft will use the latest SEO tools and strategies.

Are you having trouble attracting the kind of natural internet visitors you need? Is that the case? If so, contact our data-driven specialists right away to schedule a free consultation and have an honest conversation about your site's SEO and how our SEO

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Why Your Website Needs an SEO audit?

To increase your website’s exposure in search results and earn Google’s approval, a technical SEO audit should be performed. Brtechnosoft is here to help you increase conversions and traffic to your site by pointing out places where there are technical concerns such as broken URLs and repetitive content.

However, an SEO audit will not only make a positive impression on search engines, it will also enhance the browsing experience for your site’s visitors. This is especially true when taking into account factors like page load time as no one enjoys waiting around for results and content readability.

Brtechnosoft provides a technical SEO site audit service to help you understand where your site stands and where improvements can be made to increase your online exposure.

An SEO Auditing Service that will Help your Company Thrive

Our SEO experts do a thorough analysis of your site to improve its search engine rankings and get more people to visit it. If you don’t pay attention to technical SEO issues, search engines might not be able to find your site, which could make it hard for your target audience to find it.

You can rest assured that our SEO experts will take care of everything for you, and we will provide you with regular performance reports detailing any areas we believe should be enhanced to get better results. All aspects of your website, from content to code, are inspected by Brtechnosoft’s SEO auditing services. We examine both on-page and off-page factors of your website.

SEO Audit Services

Are you struggling to increase your organic traffic figures for your website? We at BRTechnosoft performance a complete SEO Audit of Your website to increase organic traffic. Our website SEO Audit services includes approx. 200 pointers checklist and a detailed SEO Audit Reports

However our SEO Audit Service is customised based on your industry, here are some of the major feature we cover while doing SEO Audit:

Our SEO Audit Process

Call to Play

Schedule a conversation with one of our expert SEO managers for a no-cost initial assessment. They will learn to appreciate your company and the special demands of your field.

SEO Audit Planning

After assigning you a professional account manager, we will schedule a comprehensive conversation to learn more about you and your business.

Initiation of an SEO Audit

Our SEO experts will perform the audit once the terms have been agreed upon. Our data-driven experts will scrutinise everything from the ground up.

Report of the Audit

The outcomes of the practical site audit will be presented by our Project Administrator and the SEO team. These facts will be supplied in a spreadsheet through a conference that will be scheduled at a later time.


You can count on our SEO team to guide you through a thorough technical SEO assessment and give you regular updates so you can track your progress.

Best SEO Company that brings your ranking in 1# Page Google SERPs.

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    Audit Types While Conducting Website Audits

    Basic SEO Audit

    A comprehensive analysis of your domain's existing organic strength.

    Link Analysis

    Analyzes the trust and worth of your website's links, as well as the distribution of their anchor text.

    Intermediate SEO Audit

    This report goes above and beyond to examine the organic performance, technology, and trajectory of your website.

    Content Analysis

    In-depth examination of the value of your content to help you upgrade and expand its reach.

    Advanced SEO Audit

    Analyzing your site's organic performance, technology, content, and links with the expertise of a trained specialist.

    Rank & Traffic Loss SEO Audit

    Auditing the reasons for a drop in website popularity and traffic might help you fix the problem.

    Our Complete SEO Audit Services