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Crafting Effective Digital Marketing



SEO Company India offers high quality Results!

Leverage from a free consultation, quote, and expert guidance to bedazzle your Idea today!

Rated as the top SEO company India, we make all efforts to position our clients on the first page of the search engine and improve its SERP ranking. We understand that in today’s era of digitalization SERP ranking is an ace marketing tactic. This is the reason all the brands are striving hard to rank well on the search engine pages.

But since a brand proficient in producing product A, might not be proficient in positioning itself on top SEO rankings, therefore the need for result-driven SEO company India comes in. As a leading SEO company in India, we have always worked towards providing customized solutions to our clients. BRTECHNOSOFT is a group of leading technical experts who are 24 X 7 energetic and get going. Our multitude of SEO services is available in personalized packages at affordable prices.

With every new web page sprouting like a new seedling every single day and making all efforts to rise above all the existing digital chaos, it is not easy to make yourself heard on the intensely crowded digital platform. And here is when BRTECHNOSOFT comes in to play its heroic role. Our SEO services are undoubtedly amongst the best in India. Our tech wizards make all efforts to make your web page the magnet which pulls in more sales and revenue for your business. Our world-class services ensure scalable growth to the digital presence of your business.

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    Optimize Your Website By Choosing An Indian SEO Company:

    BRTECHNOSOFT offers top-end digital marketing solutions and search engine optimization results to assist your business rank high on digital search engine pages and earn high ROI. Our upgraded and innovative techniques are the reasons because of which we guarantee you improved rankings and ROIs.  Having said above that we don’t do anything without a concrete plan, we achieve organic SEO by the following techniques.


    Optimize Your Website

    Google Analytics Installation

    Google Analytics allows you to have a record of how many visitors you had on your website but eventually bounced. Bounces mean they could not get what they wanted on your webpage.

    Google webmaster

    Google webmaster is free of cost service for anyone who has a website. It sends across a notification to you if your site experiences any malware (spam, viruses, etc) and/or crawl errors (misdirecting). It also shows the effectiveness of the keywords targeted by you.

    Title Tag Optimization

    For a searcher, a website that has relevant keywords in the title tag, are more relevant as compared to the remaining. Also, it ensures a higher search engine ranking as compared to other related competitors.

    Keyword optimization

    Keyword optimization or keyword research is the series of steps involving research, analysis and selection of the most appropriate keywords which can target the target audience and draw qualified traffic to the webpage.

    Header Tag Optimization

    The presence of keyword-rich heading on the web page also plays a major role in establishing search engine rankings. Bots recognize headers as user-friendly because they provide the essence of page formatting and also make the content scannable and accessible.

    Anchor Text Optimization

    An inclusion of optimum quality anchor text gives the readers a brief about what they are supposed to find in the detailed text when they click the link. Having a proper anchor text increases the number of clicks on your link and also increases your website ranking.

    Body Text Optimization

    Keyword research, URL optimization, meta tags, header optimization and content optimization are the essentials of complete body text optimization, for which the need of an SEO company India is a must.

    URL Writting

    The advantage of URL rewriting is its potential to inculcate session tracking information and that too, without the use of forms. It’s a very arduous coding process.

    Google, Yahoo, Bing Sitemap Setup

    The presence of a sitemap on a website makes it extremely easy to jump directly to the heading or section of their need or choice. Also, sitemaps give the advantage of linking search engines without making any sort of changes to the site.

    Interested in our SEO Company service now?

    We plan targeted SEO Campaigns that drive maximum traffic, leads and sales.


    BRTECHNOSOFT offers innovative SEO and website development and optimization solutions to rank your webpage at its well-deserved rank. Our tech wizards provide our clients with improved business opportunities by driving in more genuine leads. We, as a top SEO company India help our clients connect, engage and develop relationships with their respective target audience. All this is done to boost credibility and develop brand recognition.


    When it comes to keyword research we make use of high-class tools and our in-house techniques. Concerning the industry of our client, we identify both high and low competition keywords by figuring out their search volume, derive long-tail keywords from seed keywords, and pick those keywords that will benefit the website. We carry out a thorough competitor analysis by finding keywords that are used by your competitor.


    Competition analysis of websites is conducted to identify the strengths and weaknesses and to help emphasize own SEO strategy. We make use of paid tools like SEMRush, Spyfu, SimilarWeb and Siteliner etc. Competition analysis is also important because it helps you learn about the online tendencies prevailing in your industry. We analyse domain authority, domain value, page authority, review current backlinks, estimated keyword rankings and exam current traffic


    Link building service by Search Engine Optimization company India helps your business website acquire backlinks via link building activities like manual outreach, guest blogging and broken link building, to name a few.


    Providing guaranteed SEO Services India, we have built a team of highly qualified SEO professionals who are not only proficient in their field but also deliver a results-driven strategy that will generate leads and revenue by your industry parameters. Everything gets customized and personalized to give you the best fit.

    Social Networking

    Technical SEO is the need of an hour, to meet the ever-changing algorithm of Google in respect to SEO rankings. In this step, a proper technical SEO checkup is conducted to make sure the website is crawlable and indexable. We ensure a technically healthy SEO report card.


    We prepare a comprehensive SEO report to provide an overview of how the website is performing on multiple search engines, especially Google. Our main emphasis is on organic traffic, domain metrics and rankings.

    Our Approach as Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company To Improve your SERP in Google

    We hunt a method and work following our plan that is exactly designed for your business. From driving in more traffic to the improved landing page- everything is followed as per the procedure for achieving a highly optimized and SEO friendly website.

    Keywords and Market Research

    The algorithm of SEO keeps upgrading itself continuously and so does our set of tools and techniques, to keep up with the pace. Being ranked as one of the prestigious professional SEO company, India our SEO planning is marshalled to ensure website optimization and ace ranking.

    Site SEO Audits

    As part of our SEO audit function, our tech wizards deeply analyze each step on the audit list to identify any issue which needs modification or improvement to boost the webpage performance in organic search.

    On-page SEO Services

    As part of the on-page SEO services, our SEO specialists provide meta tags, meta descriptions, interior, outbound linking, and picture enhancement as a norm. All this is done to ensure mobile friendliness, snippets, and speed too.

    Link Building Services

    Link building service by Search Engine Optimization company India helps your business website acquire backlinks via link building activities like manual outreach, guest blogging and broken link building, to name a few.

    Infographics and Interactive Content

    Our interactive infographic design follows a personalized approach to avoid the unnecessary crowd and to speak directly to the site visitors. Our interactive content strategy encourages the interactions that keep the audience glued to the brand.

    Content Marketing Services

    Our content marketing services are catered by a group of SEO content specialists, who function as per the guidelines of Google and other search engines for ranking the web pages.

    Reporting and Analysis

    We prepare a comprehensive SEO report to provide an overview of how the website is performing on multiple search engines, especially Google. Our main emphasis is on organic traffic, domain metrics and rankings.

    Content Marketing Services

    Our content marketing services are catered by a group of SEO content specialists, who function as per the guidelines of Google and other search engines for ranking the web pages.

    What drives your website great results

    Our teams constantly of highly motivated, smart, and innovative web designers, web developers, SEO experts, and social media and marketing professionals who know the best what it takes to help your brand connect with prospective customers. Connect with us today to strengthen your web presence and grow ROI

    Page Optimization

    • Crawl your website.
    • Conduct an SEO audit and define your site architecture.
    • Update URLs, page titles, and meta descriptions.
    • Make sure your keyword is in your URL.
    • Include your keyword throughout your page.
    • Track keywords and topics for each page.
    • Don't keyword stuff.

    Internal Site Audit

    • Run Your Website URL through a Site Audit Tool.
    • Find Technical Errors.
    • Identify SEO Problems.
    • Analyze Design and UX.
    • Assess Website Content.
    • Generate a Checklist of All Site Issues and Recommended Fixes.

    Content Marketing

    • Establish Your Goals.
    • Define Your Audience.
    • Research Your Competitors.
    • Complete Topic And Keyword Research.
    • Review Your Existing Content.
    • Devise Your Strategy.
    • Plan Your Resources.
    • Plan Your Content Production Schedule

    Technical SEO

    • Use SSL.
    • Ensure your site is mobile-friendly.
    • Speed your site up.
    • Fix duplicate content issues
    • Create an XML sitemap
    • Consider enabling AMP
    • Add structured data markup to your website.
    • Register your site with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.


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    Interested in our Best SEO Company service now?

    Get Your Website On Top Of Search Results With The Power Of SEO



    BRTECHNOSOFT believes in the organic increase of SERP rankings, in a completely customized manner. With our in-depth SEO audit and analysis, we detect if there are any lags in the in-house marketing campaigns, and then carry out the keyword research for targeted results.

    Being the most reliable and Professional SEO company, we cover the areas like:

    • E-commerce SEO services,
    • SEO audit services,
    • Google penalty recovery services,
    • link building services pay per click services,
    • content marketing services,
    • local SEO services, and
    • much more to our clients.

    Why hire us as your SEO Agency?

    • We provide better results in the shortest period.
    • We provide you with expert services and develop a long term association with you.
    • Our experts are trained to better comprehend the needs of our partners.
    • We ensure improved ROI.

    More than 7+ Years of Experience

    Years Experience

    We are well equipped with wizards who have been regularly delivering first-class Digital Marketing Services around the world in more than 57 countries.

    Proven Strategy

    Our set of verified SEO strategies provide an overall upliftment to the webpages of our clients, thereby ensuring more visitors to the company webpage for a longer period.

    Industry Expertise

    Our team of experts have a proven record of real-time experiences, which makes them more profound in delivering world-class results.

    Money-Back Guarantee

    We provide a money-back guarantee on each of our services, as we are confident of our deliverables. We don’t compromise on quality

    Transparent Pricing

    No hidden

    Our pricing structure is affordable, genuine and transparent. The client can very well assimilate every cost to its respective service.

    White-Hat Practices

    We don’t use black-hat or grey-hat SEO tactics to mislead our clients. We provide 100% white-hat only SEO Services that are proven to drive authentic organic results.

    Request A Free Quote!

    Looking For SEO Services In India? BRTECHNOSOFT Is The leading SEO Company In India, And We Have enough Reasons To Prove The Credibility Of Our SEO Services In India.

    If you are looking for SEO company in India then look no further than BRTechnosoft for top-rated SEO services in India at very affordable prices. Visit our SEO packages for more details.

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    We deliver digital marketing strategies to companies worldwide. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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