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Affordable SEO Services India

Discover the Benefits of our Affordable SEO Services that don't Compromise on Quality

Want professional SEO help but can't afford to pay a boatload of money? At Brtechnosoft, we are proud of the fact that our SEO services are effective regardless of the client's financial situation.
Our affordable strategy will deliver you the SEO results you need, just as the pros do. The ideal solution for companies looking to raise their SEO wellness ranking, steadily move up the SERPs, and adopt a long-term development strategy without going over budget.

Web Development Company for Your Big Ideas - BRTechnosoft

Utilize Our Affordably Priced SEO Services to Appear on Google's Top Page

Companies often avoid SEO because they assume it will be too costly with no assurance of return. However, we guarantee that our low-cost on-page SEO services won’t sacrifice quality.
We at Brtechnosoft think search engine optimization shouldn’t be hard, costly, or risky. As such, we think SEO should be straightforward and purposeful.

Our marketing services allow you to concentrate on what’s truly important—running your company—while we handle the marketing burdens. Our affordable SEO services include on-page and off-page tweaks, link building, directory submission, keyword research, and comprehensive reports. You should begin your search for web visibility for your company right here. Our motto is “Our success is directly proportional to yours.”

Low-Cost SEO Services That Doesn’t Slack off On Quality

Today, there is no shortage of marketing companies competing for your business, making it difficult to find one that meets your needs at a reasonable cost. Most low-cost SEO services will simply take your money and use it to create irrelevant spam links.

When you work with Brtechnosoft, you can choose from a variety of tailored packages designed to boost your website’s visibility across many search engines. Our outcomes are demonstrably superior. We’ll show you the ropes and fill you in on all the details of running your campaign. Our own site, which we optimised using the same strategies, regularly appears on page one for fiercely competitive keywords. That being said, you may sit back and take it easy as we bring your website to life.

affordable seo company india

What do our Affordable SEO Packages Includes

Our SEO monthly packages can help you to optimization your website ranking better with safe SEO strategies Have a look on below mention point to know more about deeply SEO packages offer

On-page SEO Includes:

Our on page optimization is the most significant factor we focus on during any website SEO. A ideal on page SEO Marketing plan can boost your website rankings in Google search engine Quickly. Have a look our onsite SEO Process :

Affordable SEO Services

Keyword Research

Our SEO Expert at BRTechnosoft perform keyword research to identify the most suitable and relevant search term for your product and services during the keyword research process. It is a crucial part of our SEO process that further assist to do perfectly Onpage optimization and keyword optimization and keyword optimization for websites. While execute keyword analysis and research, we focus on the client target market.


Ready to start your SEO Campaign? 

Website Audit and Error Removal

Our SEO Expert team after keyword research product complete website audit reports from client website We will check structure, navigation, URL structure, sitemap, site architecture, robots file optimization and website loading speed which can increase your user experience. All these are most significant factor that we take care of during our technical site review. Our SEO experts always try to increase your website visibility in Google Search Engine and fixed all website audit issue you as per terms of Google Rules and Algorithms.



Ready to start your SEO Campaign? 

Content Audit :

Our SEO experts perform an in-depth content audit to identify the areas that can be improve during our content optimization. We deeply analysis every single page and create content creation and content optimization plan for better SEO results. This further help in content editing and the creation high-quality content. When we writing content we will check heading tag, page title, keyword density, keyword proximity, keyword prominence, keyword density and many other factor to boost the content relevancy to the target audience.



Ready to start your SEO Campaign? 

Conversation Tracking Setup :

In every website conversation is most important part that we look after during SEO campaigns. To do this, we will first with our client to understand website and also what an actual conversation. Then we setup conversation tracking, goal setup and value in Google analytics during our on-page process. It will be helps to our client to track conversation and measure the quality of our work and site viewers and user behavior.



Ready to start your SEO Campaign? 

Competitor Audit:

Our SEO experts provide complete deeply competitor analysis reports through client websites. We will check competitor domain authority and back building strategy competitor website to make better plan to create better SEO strategy for client website.



Ready to start your SEO Campaign? 

Blog Audit

Our SEO team execute an in-depth analysis of the Blog to find out the areas that can be optimized to boost the strength of site architecture. We check for internal linking and anchor text optimization to increase the website usability for more faster results. We set up social sharing for faster social media marketing uses.



Ready to start your SEO Campaign? 

Best SEO Company that bring your Ranking Google 1# Page SERPs

Are you looking for best Search Engine Optimization Company India that’s drive your business in 1# page of Google to be Found? Request a Call with out SEO professional to achieve your goal 5X growth!

    Our Work Process

    Project Requirements

    When we begin working with a new client, we gather all the necessary information to understand their specific project needs and goals. Our extensive experience in various industries and with businesses of different sizes allows us to confidently handle any project.

    However, every company is unique, so we conduct a thorough analysis to identify the underlying issues before proposing a solution.
    Our focus is to provide customized service to each client by gaining an understanding of their industry, objectives, and current challenges. This process includes a comprehensive review of both the goals a company has set for itself and the results it has already achieved. By gathering this information, we can ensure the success of the campaign.

    Website Analysis

    During the initial consultation, we gain an understanding of your business, objectives, and current SEO strategy. Then, we perform a comprehensive analysis of your website, including website statistics, to determine the best course of action for optimizing it for search engines. Our team will provide you with a report detailing our findings and recommendations for improving your site's SEO. From there, you can choose to implement the recommendations in-house or with the help of our team.

    Our services include, but are not limited to, identifying and resolving issues such as duplicate content, broken links, and technical errors & issues. We also evaluate page load times, site statistics, and error pages to ensure optimal user experience and search engine performance.

    Market And Keyword Research

    Our next step in our SEO process is an analysis of your desired keywords and your competitors' keywords. Our SEO specialists use specialized technologies to generate additional keyword possibilities based on this research. The result is a list of potential keyword groups for us to select from.

    Using the data from our keyword research, we will then proceed to tag each page of your website with relevant keywords. This is an essential step in the plan as it serves as the foundation for the campaign.

    With the keywords that we want each page to rank for identified, we can now start the on-site optimization process. Our company places a high emphasis on speed when conducting on-site SEO to maximize efficiency.

    On-Page SEO

    On-page SEO refers to the optimization of elements on a website that directly impact search engine rankings, such as the text, code, and metadata. It is a critical component of any SEO campaign, as it can improve a website's chances of ranking for targeted keywords, increase organic traffic, and make the website more user-friendly and search engine-friendly.

    Our on-page SEO services include optimizing website text, images, videos, meta descriptions, title tags, and meta tags to ensure they are in line with current search engine algorithms and best practices.

    We also focus on optimizing URL strings, internal linking structures, and featured snippets, as well as image alt text, page titles, and HTML header tags (H1-H6). Our team stays up-to-date with the latest Google algorithms to ensure that our customers' websites are optimized for maximum visibility and performance.

    Technical SEO

    Our technical SEO audit will examine all aspects of your website's performance, crawlability, availability, responsiveness, and navigational experience.

    Our SEO professionals have extensive experience with crawling large and complex sites with millions of URLs, managing site migrations, and providing expert recommendations to resolve technical challenges.

    Our technical SEO team will monitor your Search Console, crawl your site after each update, and keep an eye on your search engine rankings on a weekly basis.

    They will also analyze the data in Search Console, check for new releases, and monitor SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) to ensure your site is performing well.

    Off Page Optimization

    Off-page SEO focuses on building your website's authority, trust, and relevance compared to other sites in your industry.

    Our SEO specialists can develop a unique off-page SEO strategy for your business that not only improves your search engine rankings but also establishes you as a thought leader and authority in your field.

    In order o increase your reach, we will engage in core practices such as guest posting, publication outreach, public relations, and social media. Our team can also create original content for other websites and build links that will ultimately improve your website's Domain Authority (DA).

    Content Marketing

    Creating high-quality, engaging content is essential for increasing visibility, building trust, and demonstrating consideration for your audience.

    Brtechnosoft develops highly engaging & compelling content to spark conversations with potential leads. By distributing such content about your business at the right time and through the most effective channels, we can turn casual interactions into lasting relationships and ultimately drive sales.
    Our team includes immensely skilled Indian writers who are proficient in digital tools to produce effective stories that perform well in search engines.

    Well-written copy can lead to increased engagement and discussion, making it an important touchpoint in your sales process.

    SEO Reporting

    We regularly monitor your website's progress and provide monthly reports to show the effectiveness of our SEO efforts.

    Our experts will assist you in setting measurable goals that align with your overall vision. With our comprehensive reporting, which focuses on domain metrics, organic traffic, rankings, and other key metrics, we take the necessary actions to either gain or maintain a top position.

    Affordable SEO Services India


    We, with a deeply review of your site, discovery weaknesses & strengths and determine why the site is not fulfilling peak efficiency


    To drive added traffic on the website, we apply verified techniques liable to revamp the conversion rate & turn visitors to customers.


    Knowing the business norms and the modern SEO trends, we attempt to implement them systematically to help your site rank up on the search crawlers.


    Our worldwide SEO consultant will carefully read the content on your website and analyze it for the keyword relevant to your business. We will assist you optimize the content on your website for higher rankings.


    Performing some SEO methods imaginatively, our well-versed experts elevate your website’s brand awareness in the market and on the search crawlers.