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Game Portal Development Services

We make sure to deliver highly compact and stable software and application solutions for the gaming industry along with holistic web solutions.

We are Game Portal development Company in India use a variety of technologies to produce the most communicating and entertaining games. The games are designed and developed for a number of sections that include war games, strategy games, board games and so one. Our enthusiastic programmers use a variety of techniques to provide complete solutions for all the games industry needs;

game portal development

Our Game Development Expertise

We provide a flexible and highly customizable game portal packed with globally recognised games.

Brtechnosoft provides unique gaming portal development services that encompass the whole development lifecycle. We employ cutting-edge solutions to construct the most communicative and user-focused game portal.
We have spent years perfecting the art of making interactive, user-centric gaming portals complete with specialised features and high-quality visuals. We are adept in integrating bespoke extensions to develop fully functioning game portals like thorough video and photo galleries, quick search choices, assets shops, game summary, and spotlighted sections.

Obtain Sturdy And High functioning Game Portals to Double Your Revenue

A gaming portal is a website that hosts several games that users may browse and play directly from the website, without the need to download or install the games on their computer or other device. According to research from New York, the gaming business produced $300 billion in 2021 because video games are the most popular form of entertainment in the world. It is vital to realise that you should have an engaging structure that motivates players to play your games.
A gaming portal could be your biggest money source if you learn how to get it created and developed.

Websites known as “game portals” provide access to a wide range of popular video games in one convenient location. All of those are prepared to play games like chess, casino, cards, puzzles, adventure, informal, Vegas, and so forth. People can enjoy videogames by registering at the Game Portal or by using Visitor Access, as per the plan’s availability.

Game portal development company India provides web-based game portals and multi-gaming app development services across multiple platforms. In order to provide the finest gameplay experience possible, our devoted game developers regularly update the Game Site with new and popular games.

With the supply of 250+ multiple sports in popular categories, we guarantee that you will meet your requirements. Our developers are qualified to create new games of varying challenges using a variety of platforms, including HTML5, AR/VR, and others.

Our Services 

Our Game Development Services

Web Development

Our highly skilled experience developer build your gaming portal in various technologies like PHP, ASP.Net, ReactJS, AngularJS, Laravel, Mern Stack, Mean Stack etc.. 

IOS App Development

Our highly skilled experience IOS App developer build your game app with creative HD user-interface with high quality code standard. 

Android Development

Our highly skilled experience Android App developer build your game app with creative HD user-interface with high quality code standard. 

Flutter App Development

Our highly skilled experience Flutter App developer build your game app with creative HD user-interface with high quality code standard. 

Advantages of Online Gaming Portals

To give our users the most flexibility and fun, we build our game portals from the ground up. A few characteristics are described below.

Social Login Option

We build game hubs that let people sign in with their social media accounts so they can start playing games right away.

User Experience

Our team creates user interfaces for gaming portals that are appealing across all demographics, regardless of screen size.

Game Rewards

We designed each game play with rewards features to inspire player to spend more time on our game portals

Social Sharing Features

Users are able to post their scores, as well as their impressions of the game, on their social networks, and they may also share the awards and accomplishments they have won.

Flexible Methods of Payment

Players can subscribe to our service using any of several different methods that we've integrated into our gaming platform.

Multiplayer Games

We offer exciting multiplayer games in our game portal that allow players to play with their family or friends.

Purchase Possibility

You can now provide your users with the in-app option to buy, which allows them to use in-game currency or other rewards to buy virtual goods for use in your game.

Several Languages

You can count on us to cater to your specific requirements. We provide scalable, fully customizable gaming portals that support multiple languages

Game Portal Development - Admin Access Features

Game portal development company India’s customer relationship management tools give admins authority over the gaming portal. Below is a rundown of the available options.

High Functional Dashboard

We provide a control panel from which the administrator may oversee the game's configurations, user behaviour, intelligent notifications, and more.

Account Management

In addition to letting you keep tabs on and even block questionable users, an account management system may help you keep an eye on and manage all of your users' activities.

Highlighted Section

When you sign up for our service, you'll have access to the Highlight Section of the portal, where the portal's administrator can highlight the latest and greatest games.

Notifications Control

In order to help you get gamers back into the game, game portal development company India give you the opportunity to send them meaningful notifications.

Easy Settings

There are a variety of options for customising your gaming experience, such as the language you play in, the volume of in-game dialogue, whether or not you receive tutorials, and more.

Advertising Management

Advertising management lets you modify existing ads or create new ones, and it also facilitates the placement of reward ads for users.

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