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Penguin Recovery Services

Plan Before You Leap In Google SERP

The old strategy to get rank in Google SERPs’ for targeted keyword was base on simple terms of inbound link building. It was like that because that time Google’s algorithm was based same means the more web page links you had into yours online platform the high you were in search engines. However, after rolled out of Google Penguin this strategy was totally gone and who has followed that all were down for their SERP result for target keywords.

What is Google Penguin Penalty?

Introduce in April 2012, a little more than a year after the Google panda Algorithm, google introduce Penguin and Penguin one of google algorithms. While panda was focused on Penalized a low-quality content on the business website. Google penguin on other hand focus on low-quality back-links. The main goal of google penguin update was to drop the rankings of the website in search engines, due to low-quality back-links using link-wheeling.

Now the biggest question is the how to recover from this. If you are also one of them who are looking for Penguin Recovery Services then We are the right place for you. At our platform, we assure that for delivering the best output for your hired service from us.


How do you come to know that your website is affected by Penguin penalties?

You will receive emails via Google Webmaster Tools for some seriously aggressive and unnatural link building. Along with that you will receive manual spam actions from Google as well.

How Google Penguin Recovery Services at BRTECHNOSOFT

We deal with approach for Penguin update is very simple and acceptable by Google. Actually, our skilled teams of Penguin recovery do all-inclusive research of your site for unnatural link together with all components like following:

  • What’s the bounce rate?
  • How many old or how many new visitors?
  • Is there any broken links?
  • How many do follow back links?
  • Is there any existence of orphan pages or not?

Google Penguin updates then it mostly concern to focus on unnatural link penalties

  • Doing classification of black hat linking issues.
  • Take steps for link removal of low quality links.
  • Making strategy of getting purge from spam linking.
  • We deal with over optimization factors which are related to Google Penguin updates.
  • Wiping out lower quality content of submission.
  • Deal with presence of violations on webpage.

Thus, as a part of Penguin recovery services we do backlink audits to study your overall link-building profile. Moreover, we focus on areas due to which you webpage get caught up in Google’s Penguin. Our dedicated team is moving forward with a more clean approach for penguin recovery that fits in your needs and gives you desired output for your investment with to hire our service.

Highlights of Our Google Penguin Recovery Services

BRTechnosoft is India’s leading Google Penguin Link Auditing company. Here are a few of the many advantages we offer.

Backlinks Checking

Before begin the process of finding all the links that are point out your domain. Our Professional team are experts does a complete manual link exam in order to find, if any too bad or toxic backlinks in your profile. We maintain a details sheet of all these backlinks.

Creating Disavow File

Once the whole backlink is checked by our professional team. Our team create a disavow file that includes all suspicious back-link responsible to drop your website rankings. The disavowed link are then replaced with organic high-quality backlinks in order to get top search engine rankings. For more details inform you may read our article – Google Penguin

Submitting Request

Our professional SEO expert keep a close eye on the search results and incase there are some changes notified by google, we request to recover your website from Penguin penalty.


Our professional team at search eccentric, then exam the all over progress of your website and check the penguin recover. Also find all toxic link from Google webmaster tools and remove them trough google disavow tools

What We do to Recover Your Site from the Penalty?

identify and duplicate content

  • identify and duplicate content and remove them if any
  • Add high quality and relevant content
  • Analytical review for the recent traffic fall
  • Full analysis of your backlink profile
  • Removal of bad spam techniques, black hat methods and other poor SEO practices
  • Audit the site to avoid anchor text issues
  • On page optimization using specific targeted keywords
  • Block the unfixable pages from being crawled
  • Delete bad links that have a negative effect on the site
  • Focus on increased online brand visibility

Repair Your Rankings the Right Way

By offering 100% custom-made solution every client. We are able to provide effective yet affordable Google Penalty removal services. To date, we have assisted hundreds of business restore their importance and prosperity through our Google Penguin recover services and beyond.

Approaching all google penalty recover services strategically, we are able to deliver constantly excellent results at an affordable cost. Your penalty recover will take place through four individual phases


Detailed Analysis

  • The procedure begins by defining exactly why you were handed a penalty by Google and where you went wrong.
  • Intensive Planning: We’ll carry out a comprehensive audit of your existing Search Engine Optimization strategy and over-all website framework, in order to create a plan for its recovery.

Careful Implementation

  • The importance of careful execution cannot be overstated – rushing the job typically does more harm than good.
  • Ongoing Optimization: Implementation of the approach is only the beginning. Continuous optimization will confirm your website’s strength and prosperity are fully restored.

Do you want a Google Penalty Recovery Expert?

Google Penalty Recovery Services, We plan targeted SEO Campaigns that drive maximum traffic, leads and sales.

Case Studies

Browse our Google Panda SEO case studies and success stories to see first-hand how Google Search can help you reach more people with your website.


We goal at enhancing your business online existence and work towards improving your site’s rankings on Google and other prominent search engines by leveraging proven digital marketing methods and tactics. Every drive we work on is completely adapted to your business and it benefits us ensure that we deliver high quality, targeted traffic to your site through our array of SEO services

This is how we can help you with SEO tactics:

  • SEO Content Writing Services.
  • SEO Link Building Service in India.
  • Strategy built on latest SEO techniques.
  • How to be Seen as a Thought Leader.
  • The Power of Pre-Selling Your Products.
  • Plus, much, much more!

Data Gathrering

Our professional seo expert team analyst will talk to discover more about your unique case and the they will use specific tools to analyze your back-link profile for high risk link outlines that has generated the penguin penalty.

  • Sites that are linked from your web pages
  • If the source pages or domains are penalized
  • If the domains are part of the effected link network
  • The anchor text that is used to link to your website


Our Google penguin SEO Expert once analysis completed then we will create disavow file that includes all toxic and back links and those are not adding any positive value to the website then we submit the Disavow file to Google webmaster tools. Next, we improve all the backlinks to help Google re-crawl your website and wait for Google next update.

Analysis Website

Our professional SEO team a full manual link audit to confirm any specious generated bacllinks in your profile and take essentials step to preserve high quality links and authority backlinks that are important and are still effective in drive value to your website

Transparent Pricing

No hidden

Our pricing structure is affordable, genuine and transparent. The client can very well assimilate every cost to its respective service.

Monitor BackLink

We constantly monitor your website progress of your website and check the recover turn the strategy accordingly the best results in google search engine. our team will review each link deeply and analysis every link if any spammy link found that will remove from Google disavow tools

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