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Xamerin App Development Services

Build & design a mobile app using Xamarin's cross-platform development software which simplifies mobile application creation

BRTechnosoft a qualified mobile apps development company in India delivers services for native, hybrid and cross-platform mobile application development across various mobile platforms.

xamerin app development services india

Xamarin Hybrid Mobile App Development Services

Today mobile apps development is very important aspect across all domains. Mobile app helps the organizations to link with their viewers worldwide and improve their business performance and productivity. Mobile devices have become a powerful tool for the business to link and interact with customers in an easy automated way and hence, cross-platforms android, iOS, Windows etc. and responsive mobile application are high on demand.

Xamarin is a platform for app development that supports multiple cross-platform smartphone applications. It is mainly dependent on the C# language that is familiar with programmers who are into Xamarin App Development. This particular platform has support for the popular Android as well as the iOS operating systems. It is a subsidiary of the Microsoft company and is very popular in the app development business.

BRTechnosoft a qualified mobile apps development company in India delivers services for native, hybrid and cross-platform mobile application development across various mobile platforms.

Why Xamerin

Xamarin is not just write one time but it can be run universally in all platforms – its strength is the ability to implement native user interface especially for each platform. applications built using Xamarin appearance and feel native. Its User Interface uses native control on each platform, making apps there are indistinguishable from native apps.

Applications built using Xamarin cover standard, native UI controls. Application not just appearance at the manner in which the end customer expects, yet they act that way as well. Its UI accomplishes as fast as any native application The application developed using Xamarin platforms leverage hardware acceleration and those application are complied for native performance, that can’t be expert with plans that interpret code at run time.

Xamarin is the only IDE that permits for native android, iOS and windows app development within Microsoft visual studio Xamarin permits re-use of code across all platforms as well as the incorporation of libraries written natively for each platform. Xamarin permits you to write apps in C#, and share the same code across multiple platforms. Here is look at how this is accomplished under the cover

  • For iOS the C# code is ahead-of-time (AOT) complied to ARM assembly language
  • For Android the C# cod is complied to Intermedia language (IL) and packed with MovoVM, the application run side-by-side with android runtime/Java and associate with the native types
  • For Windows C# code is complied to intermediate Language (IL) and performed by the built-in runtime.

In spite of the variances under the cover, Xamarin offers a seamless experience for writing code that can be re-used across all 3 platforms.

Our Xamarin Development Offerings

  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Xamarin Forms App Development
  • Enterprise App Development
  • Xamarin Cross-Platform Application Development
  • Xamarin Consulting Services
  • Cloud-Based Solutions
  • Migration & Upgradation Services
  • QA and Testing Services
  • App Support & Maintenan

Xamarin UI/UX design

  • User-centric User Experience Design
  • Engaging User Interface
  • Harnessing Xamarin’s UI elements

Resembling Native

  • Native-like performance
  • Native-like UI

Automated Testing

  • Xamarin Cloud-based automated real-time testing with 2000+ devices
  • Beta testing for usability
  • Dynamic testing


Custom Xamarin App Development

As we have years of domain expertise which is help us to deliver secure, scalable, feature rich and high performing Xamarin hybrid Application

Xamarin App Consulting

If you need to know anything about your hybrid app development requirements, you can feel free to contact us and our experts always ready to assist you.

Enterprise Oriented Solutions

Become high performing and scalable enterprise oriented Xamarin apps solutions as per the specific requirement of your business.

Support & Maintenance

In adding to the Xamarin app development services, we are also highly capable in delivering round the clock Xamarin app development support and maintenance to customers

Migration & Upgradation

if you are looking for migrate your app to another platform or upgrade existing app to hybrid app. Our expert always ready to assist you.

QA and Testing Services

You can make sure smooth workflow of the java application and website with our unparalleled active java application and maintenance technical support.

Our Process for Delivering the Best Mobile App Development Services

At BRTechnosoft, we follow a structured process and methodical approach for mobile app development to ensure success for our clients. Our process includes:

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