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Meta Tags Optimization - An Essential for SEO

The meta tags is an essential part of the HTML code of your web page.

The meta tags is an essential part of the HTML code of your web page. Search Engines read meta tags do not displayed as a part of your web page design. As a rule they include a brief outline of the web page content and you should include your appropriate keywords into them. Most of the meta tags are integrated within the ‘header’ code of a website. The most significant tags in the websites are its title, descriptions, keywords used and its robot tags.


Keywords that are appropriate to the content of a webpage should be included in title tag, the meta description and keywords tags. Apart from that, one should consider even the length and the order of the characters which are included in each of the meta tags. Apparently search engine robots go through words from left to right and so words that comes prior are more important than those which comes at end of the page.

The BRTechnoSoft unique Meta tag optimization and analyzing tool helps us serve the best by optimizing your meta tags brilliantly. Given below are some brief information related to Meta Tags use and its implementation.

Some important tips - Meta Description

  • Firstly, your meta description tag should contain keywords.
  • Secondly, try using multiple syntaxes of your keywords rather than repeating the words more often.
  • Third, maximum 150 characters should be use in description meta tag of a single web page.
  • Fourth, there should be different description meta tags for every single page so that every page differs from each other and  gets chance to be found quicker in search engines if placed with a good title and description.

Few steps to be followed for excellent meta keywords tags.

  • Synonyms must be use perfectly.
  • Unique keywords should be targeted.
  • Phrases should not get repeated frequently.
  • But more often you can repeat any of the word as many times as you want accordingly as each time its a part of different phrases.

What sorts of Meta Tags should be use?

According to Google’s algorithm just by adding the Description Meta Tag will not give a desired result by boosting your website in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), but definitely your description might get used for your SERPs listing in Google. Well by doing that you might not get a ranking boost, but if your description is interesting related to Description Meta Tag and suppose Google use it, you can get a top most click through rate compare to a casual snippet of text from your web pages. Apart from that other meta tags (including the Keywords Meta Tag) might get totally ignored or they might won’t result in a SERPs boost.

While according to Yahoo they use the Keyword Meta Tag only when it ranks a page. So it is obvious to add one for Yahoo and another for minor search engines still being used. Well many other directories and websites are also there which takes information automatically for creating a list to your website. Don’t hassle over it though, by adding main phrase for that page to the Keywords Meta Tag and a user friendly description of the page to the Description Meta Tag and overlook it.

Interested in our Meta Tag Optimization Service now?

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Information about Meta Robots

Brief information about Meta Robots tag:

Meta Robots

Brief information about Meta Robots tag:

Meta Robots tags are of four types and it helps you to know how your website will get crawled by various search engines. Below are some of its type:

  • Index, Follow – Here your website will be started getting crawled by search engine from its Index or Main page and then rest of the pages are done.
  • Index, NoFollow – In this stage your website will start getting crawled by search engine from its Index or Main page but there after it does not continue with rest of the pages.
  • NoIndex, Follow  – Here in this stage the Main or Index page is being skipped by search engine robots and rest of the pages are being crawled.
  • NoIndex, NoFollow – Finally in this stage search engine robots do not crawl any pages of your website and thus your site is not being indexed.

So if you really want your website to be crawled properly BRTechnoSoft would like to suggest you to add a “Index, follow” meta robot tag. As we are aware with the fact that majority search engine will crawl indexing your web pages starting from the Main page of website and then continues to crawl rest of the web pages. So please use appropriate robot tag to get desired result related to crawling your website. There are also some Meta tag generate and Meta tag checker software programs too which helps developing high targeted HTML meta tags for your websites.

Well still meta tags is not an magical solution but still plays an essential role helping your website get found in search engines.

We would like to assist you anytime needed for further queries or for any information please drop email at [email protected] for any type of meta tag optimization for your website.

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