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Google Panda & Penguin Services

provided by BRTECHNOSOFT

About Google Panda & Penguin

Google releases the Google Panda and Pending algorithm updates on a regular basis. Google Penguin update deals with those websites that are resorting to black hat SEO techniques. The websites that provide poor quality content will be detected as well as pulled down from their higher ranking by Google Panda updates. Both these updates together enable Google to detect and penalize the culprit websites that are engaged in offering poor quality content, stuffing of keywords, duplication of web pages and other unethical activities.


Google Panda Penguin Update

Google is always committed to its trillions of users and the company is determined to ensure that each and every Google user is able to get the exact result required by him from the Google search engine. Google intensified their uncompromising fight in the year 2011 against the various SEO menaces such as providing illegitimate content, search spam and various heinous tactics to attain optimization.

By way of implementing the Google Panda and Penguin algorithm for quality audit of the website contents Google has laid an effective trap to identify the websites that violate the quality guidelines and penalize them. We offer our Google Panda & Penguin Compliant SEO services to our clients in order to enable their business websites to attain as well as maintain a top ranking in the search engines

SEO techniques to be changed in Year 2012-13

The Google Panda & Penguin Complaint SEO Services provided by SOI help our clients to make adequate changes in the techniques so as not to get caught and penalized by Google. Our SEO team conducts periodic check up at the domain level as well as the web page level in order to ensure strict SEO compliance as prescribed in the latest Google Panda updates as well as the Google Penguin update.

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How we help our clients in New Google Algorithms

We at BRTECHNOSOFT ensure that the website of the client is 100% free of the negative factors that may lead to detection and penal action by Google. Our dedicated and experienced SEO team ensures the following for our client’s website:

Our SEO professionals who provide the Google Panda & Penguin Compliant SEO Services always get themselves updated with the latest Google Penguin update and the Google Panda updates so that they can provide the best SEO service to our clients

Be a Leader

  • Fresh content of the best quality
  • Genuine links of assuring quality
  • Abolition of all duplicate content
  • No keyword stuffing
  • Web pages optimized for multiple keywords
  • Smooth navigation

Google Panda & Penguin Compliant SEO Services

BRTechnosoft helps losses of low-quality link building by eliminating what is inappropriate or not complying with the new rules. Our team will place the fresh link in your profile whether you are dealing with algorithm penalties or with manual ones. The first ones are more unsafe and difficult.

Since Google is making regular algorithm changes, any website can experience a thoughtful impact at some point. Even those that advantage of good quality link building may happen to be against the rules at a point in upcoming, should Google review its criteria. When this occurs, we are ready to help and make every aspect of your web existence legitimate again.

Google Panda & Penguin Compatible SEO Services Cover :

Highlights of Our Google Panda Penguin Update Services

  • Generate good quality content
  • Building content with 600+ Words count
  • Entertain no keyword stuffing
  • Build genuine, quality links
  • Employ a line of anchor text in backlinking to the same page
  • Improve pages for multiple keyword phrases
  • Ensure proper navigation
  • Well maintain niche-oriented resource page
  • Develop on old domains
  • Careful external linking
  • Remove duplicate content
  • Eliminate poor quality content from your website
  • And much more !

What We do to Recover Your Site from the Penalty?

identify and duplicate content

  • identify and duplicate content and remove them if any
  • Add high quality and relevant content
  • Analytical review for the recent traffic fall
  • Full analysis of your backlink profile
  • Removal of bad spam techniques, black hat methods and other poor SEO practices
  • Audit the site to avoid anchor text issues
  • On page optimization using specific targeted keywords
  • Block the unfixable pages from being crawled
  • Delete bad links that have a negative effect on the site
  • Focus on increased online brand visibility

Repair Your Rankings the Right Way

By offering 100% custom-made solution every client. We are able to provide effective yet affordable Google Penalty removal services. To date, we have assisted hundreds of business restore their importance and prosperity through our Google Penguin recover services and beyond.

Approaching all google penalty recover services strategically, we are able to deliver constantly excellent results at an affordable cost. Your penalty recover will take place through four individual phases


Detailed Analysis

  • The procedure begins by defining exactly why you were handed a penalty by Google and where you went wrong.
  • Intensive Planning: We’ll carry out a comprehensive audit of your existing Search Engine Optimization strategy and over-all website framework, in order to create a plan for its recovery.

Careful Implementation

  • The importance of careful execution cannot be overstated – rushing the job typically does more harm than good.
  • Ongoing Optimization: Implementation of the approach is only the beginning. Continuous optimization will confirm your website’s strength and prosperity are fully restored.


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Affordable Google Panda Recovery Packages Start From $$$ /Month

Google Penalty Recovery Services, We plan targeted SEO Campaigns that drive maximum traffic, leads and sales.


We goal at enhancing your business online existence and work towards improving your site’s rankings on Google and other prominent search engines by leveraging proven digital marketing methods and tactics. Every drive we work on is completely adapted to your business and it benefits us ensure that we deliver high quality, targeted traffic to your site through our array of SEO services

This is how we can help you with SEO tactics:

  • SEO Content Writing Services.
  • SEO Link Building Service in India.
  • Strategy built on latest SEO techniques.
  • How to be Seen as a Thought Leader.
  • The Power of Pre-Selling Your Products.
  • Plus, much, much more!

Data Gathrering

Our professional seo expert team analyst will talk to discover more about your unique case and the they will use specific tools to analyze your back-link profile for high risk link outlines that has generated the penguin penalty.

  • Sites that are linked from your web pages
  • If the source pages or domains are penalized
  • If the domains are part of the effected link network
  • The anchor text that is used to link to your website


Our Google penguin SEO Expert once analysis completed then we will create disavow file that includes all toxic and back links and those are not adding any positive value to the website then we submit the Disavow file to Google webmaster tools. Next, we improve all the backlinks to help Google re-crawl your website and wait for Google next update.

Analysis Website

Our professional SEO team a full manual link audit to confirm any specious generated bacllinks in your profile and take essentials step to preserve high quality links and authority backlinks that are important and are still effective in drive value to your website

Transparent Pricing

No hidden

Our pricing structure is affordable, genuine and transparent. The client can very well assimilate every cost to its respective service.

Monitor BackLink

We constantly monitor your website progress of your website and check the recover turn the strategy accordingly the best results in google search engine. our team will review each link deeply and analysis every link if any spammy link found that will remove from Google disavow tools

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